Friday, February 14, 2014

With Apologies to Harvie S

I have heard from the wonderful bass player Harvie S and must apologize for incorrectly spelling his name in my end of year countdown post. Here is the corrected record, which I have changed in the original post as well: 

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  • The Aperturistic Trio, "Truth and Actuality" (Inner Circle Music 2013): James Weidman on piano, Steve Williams on drums, and on bass Harvie S provide a nice set of modern jazz music in a classic piano trio. 
But as long as we are on the subject of Harvie S, let me point out a few more outstanding CDs in my collection:

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  • Harvie S, "Texas Rumba" (Zoho 2004) as the title indicates is an upbeat melding of jazz and latin dance music, played by an outstanding cast -- Daniel Kelly on piano, Gregory Rivkin on trumpet, Scott Avedon on saxes, and Renato Thomas and Adam Weber on percussion. Lively creative compositions by the leader abound, along with his ensemble's special interpretation of "Monk's Mood." 
  • Harvie S with Kenny Barron, "Now Was the Time"  (Savant 2008) is an absolutely riveting duo session with stellar veterans weaving in and around each other, leading and supporting throughout a set of standards like "Body and Soul", and with a special bass solo of "Chelsea Bridge". This one's a classic. 
  • Harvie S and Kenny Barron,  "Witchcraft" (Savant 2013 ) . The first session was great, and twice is sheer ecstasy. Barron and S get together once again with another ten songs full of great showmanship, emotion, and rhythm. This one's a bit more eclectic in the selections, drawing from standards for "Witchcraft", from Stevie Wonder for "Creepin'", and from the latin playbook for "Sonia Braga". A second classic duo recording. 
  • Sheila Jordan and Harvie S,  "Yesterdays" (High Note 2012). An NEA Jazz Master singer, a veteran bassist, and great music add up to a great session, recorded in 1990 but not issued until much later. Fantastic song selection, great players, great CD. A Fats Waller medley, a Fred Astaire medley, and so much more. 
And those are just recordings in the last decade. In fact Harvie S' recordings as leader go back to 1982 with some under his full name Harvey Swartz, and number in the dozens. Under Harvie Swartz, I encourage you to look for "In a Different Light" (Blue Moon  1990), an early set pairing him with several guitarists including John Scofield, Gene Bertoncini, and Mike Stern. 

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