Saturday, December 21, 2013

Coming Soon

I've done some combing of upcoming recordings in the New Year, and thought I'd list a few for folks to watch for that should be exciting:

  • Frank Wess, Magic 201 (IPO Recordings): Sadly Wess passed away in December, but has left us one last CD, a follow up to the terrific "Magic 101" from 2013. 
  • George Cables, "Icons and Influences" (High Note): I believe it will be a trio with Dezron Douglas and Victor Lewis, and if it's Cables you know it will be a great piece of mainstream music. 
  • Helen Sung, "Anthem for a New Day" (Concord): A new label for Sung, who is a marvelous pianist. This is said to be a sextet, and will have features for Regina Carter on violin and Paquito D'Rivera on clarinet. 
  • Kris Bowers, "Heroes and Misfits" (Concord): I've mentioned the Monk Piano Competition before. He is fabulous, creative, and up and coming, maybe even here. 
  • Edward Simon, "Venezuelan Suite" (Sunnyside): Another fabulous pianist with a new one. I have no information. 
  • Omar Sosa, "Senses" (Ota): On his own label, latin pianist Sosa will be going solo this time around. 
  • Cory Weeds, "Let's Go" (Cellar Live): Weeds on sax with his quintet, and with guest Steve Davis on trombone. Has to be a great straight forward blow.
  • Jeremy Pelt, "Face Forward Jeremy" (High Note): Pelt has turned out great music regularly in January for a while now so expect another one. 
  • Tord Gustavsen, "Extended Circle" (ECM): No further information. 
  • Arild Andersen, "Mira" (ECM): With Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith on drums and tenor sax respectively. It says it will be soulful ballads and mid-tempo free-floating sound explorations.
  • Norma Winstone, "Dance without Answer" (ECM): I did a long post on Winstone last year. She is a vocalist with a long record of outstanding albums who covers everyting from the standards songbook to modern pop and folk and modern originals. A classic voice, a classic interpreter. 
  • Jimmy Heath Big Band, "Togetherness: Live at the Blue Note" (JLP): His previous big band records smoked and this one will too I bet. 

That's just for starters, I am sure there will be much much more, including a slew of new things from overseas that  I have not listed.

If I am not back before the holidays to post, have a wonderful and joyous time. And always enjoy the music.


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