Monday, March 5, 2012

Just in - John Law, "Three Leaps of a Gazelle" (2012)

 CD: Three Leaps of the Gazelle

Three Leaps of a Gazelle
John Law
(33 Records)

Wow! John Law, who was featured in an earlier entry on this blog, has stepped up once again to produce an outstanding set on his new recording, "Three Leads of a Gazelle" (33 Records)., a trio recording with his recent mates Yuri Goloubev on bass, and Asaf Sirkis on percxussion. The recording features eight wonderful pieces, some borderline classical/chamber jazz like the title song, and others like "Swazz" more traditionally jazz-oriented. In between we are treated to a baroque styled opus, "Three Part Invention", originally found on "The Art of Sound Volume 4" but significanlty more powerful here, and a very impressive and stately ode "The Quiet Dignity of the Minor," honoriing the British miner's strike of 1984-85. There is a great deal of interplay among the three partners, who trade off melodies and support effortlessly throughout.

What really stands out, however, and what separates this effort from earlier Law recordings, is the use of some unusual instruments. The group's palette is wonderfully expanded, with colors and depth added to almost every piece through the use at various time of  a "hang drum", an iPod, a glockenspiel and the sounds of cicadas. While this may sound rather outre, these touches never overwhelm the beauty of the melodies, the wonderfully bowed bass lines, or the delicate underlying rhythms provide by Sirkis, but instead add to the complexity of the listening experience in a new and wonderful way. The art on the packaging is equally impressive as well, and should be appreciated along with the music.

Once again a "must listen" from John Law.

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