Sunday, March 11, 2012

Releases I am Awaiting

Between catalogues, magazines, blogs, and label sites, here is a list of the recently released and upcoming CDs from February to early April that I have on my purchase list, which I am sure will expand:

  • Eric Alexander and Vincent Herring, "Friendly Fire" High Note
  • Richard Galliano, "Nino Rota" Deutche Grammaphone
  • Andy Shepherd, "Trio Liibero ECM
  • Lynne Arriale, "Solo" Motema
  • Billy Hart, "All Our Reasons" ECM
  • Ulysses Owens, "Unanimous" Criss Cross
  • Dayna Stephens, "Today is Tomorrow" Criss Cross
  • Bud Shank and Phil Woods, "Bouncing with Bud and Phil" Capri
  • Upper Left Trio, "Ulternative" Origin
  • Matthew Shuipp, "Elastic Aspects" Thirsty Ear
  • Jeff Hamilton Trio, "Red Sparkle" Capri
  • Luis Perdomo, "Universal Mind" RKM
  • Brad Mehldau, "Ode" Nonesuch
  • Pete Zimmer, "Prime of Life" Tippin'
  • Kenny Werner, "Me, Myself, and I" Justin Time
  • Phronesis, "Walking Dark" Edition
  • Dialogues Trio, "Twinkle Twinkle" Babel
  • Gwilym Simcock, Tim Garland, "Lighthouse" ACT
  • EST, "301" ACT
  • Masabumi Kikuchi, "Trio" ECM
  • Michael Wollny's [em], "Wasted and Wanted" ACT
And these are recent purchases, all of which are very nice and within the generally straight-ahead framework:
  • Ahmad Jamal, "Blue Moon" Jazz Village
  • Mark Soskin, "Nino Rota" Kind of Blue
  • Enrico Pieranunzi, "Permutation" CamJazz
  • Ben Wendel, "Frame" Sunnyside
  • Johnathan Blake, "The Eleventh Hour" Sunnyside
One additional note. As a long-time and fully committed fan of Leonard Cohen, I was blown away by an advance copy ( April release in the U.S. athough it is available already in Canada) of his son Adam Cohen's upcoming CD,  "Like a Man". It's eerie how much he sounds like his father circa 1968, and the music itself, lyrics, voice and simple instrumentation all add up to an A-one recording.


  1. Just out of curiosity, are you using Spotify ?

  2. Hey there. Have you gotten the Kikuchi yet? If so, how's the growling on it? Motian fanatic that I am (and this title will probably be one of the last new offerings associated with him), Kikuchi's vocal, ahem, accompaniment can make for a tough listen at times. At least with the titles featuring him that I'm familiar with.