Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Year Later

I began this blog on December 28, 2011, so today is the end of my first year at it. It's been a lot of fun to organize my thoughts and get them down on paper, and hopefully provide some value to those reading it. 

I began with one objective in mind, which is provide exposure to a broad range of possibly lesser-known or overlooked artists, and in doing so to broaden the discussion of non-U.S. jazz at the same time. Later I broadened my scope to include the promotion of local record stores and physical CDs/vinyl, to writing about books that I read about jazz, to comment upon other related issues, and to occasionally writing about non-jazz music.

I don't know how well I have fared, whether anyone tried anything new based upon the posts, or if at the very least I provided some interesting reading. I do know that as of today I have written 136 posts, and had about 13,500 hits, so somebody is checking in.

If the statistics mean anything, the most popular posts included:
  • My 2012 list of favorite CDs
  • A post about the players behind the leader and the need to read the labels about sidemen 
  • The Ann Arbor Pioneer Jazz Band
  • Several of the posts about Italian players (which I must return to)
  • Individual posts about Erena Terabuko, Luis Perdomo, Mira Opalinska, Amina Figarova,  Mats Eilersten, David Wong, Marc Copland, Sophie Millman, Trio M, and Jacques Schwartz-Bart.
What I do know is that I have enjoyed writing these posts and talking jazz. So on to 2013.



  1. Hello,

    As I have commented before, I have really enjoyed the great Jazz articles you wrote this past year. I can't tell you how much I have also enjoyed listening to many of the albums you have described in detail.

    I would be interested in getting your perspective on where you see the music industry headed. I personally subscribe to two of the best music streaming services out there, and for me, it's the greatest thing out there. I could never afford to buy all the cd's you write about, but at least I can listen to many of them in pretty good quality.

    Please continue enlightening your loyal followers.

    Happy and Healthy New Year!

    Phil G.

  2. Yes I too enjoy reading your thoughts which catches my attention from time to time. I have found some good recommendations along the way although like the above can't have them all!

    Disagree on the Giovanni Guidi ECM release, although I am a fan of both. I thought the album was his weakest I've heard to the point I agreed with some who disparage ECM for having a certain sound! Anyhow I will now listen again!!

    Just saying hello and thanks for sharing your thoughts