Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Debut to Hear: Gilad Edelman "My Groove, Your Move"

Nothing fancy on "My Groove, Your Move" (Sharp 9 2013), just terrific straight-ahead music by a young alto sax player, Gilad Edelman, and his band mates David Hazeltine on piano, Joe Magnarelli on trumpet, John Webber on bass, and Jason Brown on drums. These are veteran players from the mainstream whose presence announces the arrival of a new voice on alto as well as the type of music to be played -- good solid mainstream hard bop. No missing that this quintet is a classic form from the Blue Note period, for that is what Edelman is aiming for and what he hits with this recording.

Here's what I know about Edelman. He's from New Jersey, he is in his young twenties, and he has been immersed in jazz forever. His proud dad is the producer and owner of Sharp 9 Records so mainstream jazz has seeped into his son's bones and produced a first class recording.

Nine songs, all in the groove, and all covers save on by Edelman and one by Hazeltine. The others include classics like "On the Street Where You Live", Duke Pearson's "Sweet Honey Bee", a medley of "For All We Know"/"We Kiss in the Shadow", and "The Way You Look Tonight". On uptempo tunes Edelman has a solid, punchy sound, and on the ballads a rich round and mellow tone. Magnarelli has an outstanding turn with a muted trumpte on the opener "I Love You." He duets with Edelman on the next tune a rousing uptempo "On the Street Where You Live" with the two winding notes arond each other. Magnarelli, Edelman, and Hazeltine all take solos during the song.  And so it goes, a lovely bossa on "Foi a Saudade", a beautiful ballad medley by the ensemble, and plenty of groovin'.

There isn't much more to say here. Each member gets delicious solos, the band is driven by the bass and drum team of Webber and Brown, and the kid is great. This is a treat for all lovers of the Blue Note era and mainstream hard bop. It's his groove, now it's your move.

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