Sunday, August 11, 2013

Off on Vacation and the Reykjavik Jazz Festival

I'll be in Iceland beginning next week and into the following week and in a rare stroke of magic, for the second time this summer I will be at a jazz festival. Having been at the Montreal Jazz Festival in July, it is now time to turn to the Reykjavik Jazz Festival. I've written a bit about the fine jazz recordings I picked up two years ago when we were in Iceland, and have posted recently on the wonderful new recording by Sunna Gunnalaugs, so I am really looking forward to a couple of nights at the Festival once we are finished touring and settling back in Reykjavik for the end of our trip.

If you don't know Iceland or its jazz, or for that matter its literary history from its sagas to the modern mystery you are missing one of the great thrills of your life.

Back before the end of the month.

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